Saturday, February 26, 2011

I’m back!

Hello again!

It’s been rather longer than I intended, I’m afraid. I didn’t expect to be away from WTA all month. The paper I was presenting yesterday took more of my brain-time than I expected. It wasn’t that it was harder or more time-consuming than expected. I had plenty of free time, and I didn’t have to rush to get it ready or anything like that. It’s more just that the part of my mind I use for this blog is the same part I was using for the project, and I didn’t have enough of the right mental resources to go around.

I have put together a few entries while I’ve been away, to make up something of a backlog while I get used to doing this on a regular schedule again. Thanks to anyone who’s waited for me to come back, and hello to any new readers! Do stick around, and I promise to try and do the same! First major entry to come on Tuesday. See you then.

— Oolon.