Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Parent Licence: Update.

Just a short entry today, because I’m running a little late, but I read these articles this morning and thought I’d share. It could be that we’re heading toward implementing the Parent Licence sooner than I could have thought possible.

The group Mr Geschke refers to is known as Project Prevention, which deals with drug addicts. I read an article on the BBC a few days ago about its introduction in the UK after years of operation in the USA; unfortunately I can’t find the link now.

Of course, the proponents of these ideas are being publicly derided for them — the founder of Project Prevention has been labelled a Nazi, and it looks like Geschke’s facing similar slurs, not helped by his Germanic surname — but it’s a start. It’s also, I believe, largely a matter of PR: people don’t want to be seen to support such a radical, authoritarian proposal. In private, the majority of people I’ve spoken to have voiced cautious or even more commonly enthusiastic support of the idea.


  1. Well, they often sterilise severely disabled children. Not even just to avoid pregnancy.

    I watched a documentary once about a family whose daughter had cerebal palsy and intellectual problems. She physically couldn't deal with menstruation, and when her cycles began, the stress to her parents escalated terribly.

    She couldn't manage a period cycle. And no matter how huge a loss it is to be denied the right to children, it has to be acknowledged that the person who ended up caring for her children would not be herself.

    People who are obviously not capable of looking after children SHOULD NOT HAVE THEM. It's not hard to understand.

    (Side note, reading the article about the NZ politician - he was accused of "bullying primary school children", but it sounds like he was fully aware he was actually speaking to their teacher, who had instructed the kids to write the letters. The kids were being used as pawns.)

  2. Oh man, and

    "Mr Geary said he was appalled that someone of Mr Geschke's background could consider such an option."

    Honestly. SEVENTY YEARS AGO, BUDDY. Not even vaguely related.

  3. Apart from anything else, this has nothing to do with that anyway. It’s a simple case of Godwin's Law, as I potholed.

    And yeah. I hate it when people use kids that way. My grade six teacher tried to do it with me — I forget what the issue was, save that I disapproved both of what she was saying and how she was roping us in. I refused to go along with it, so she bullied me for the rest of the year.