Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sorry for doing this again, but I’m afraid there’s no post today. Apart from this one. Which I suppose means there’s one post today, which is fairly normal given I normally schedule a post for Thursdays. But it’s not a normal post, which makes it not a normal day. Then again, what’s a normal day on WTA anyway?* Is there such a thing at all? I’ve only been doing this for... [checks archives] three months yesterday — I don’t think that’s quite enough data to say that there’s really a clear norm to what I’ve been doing here. I’ve ranted, theorised, snarked, on several topics from politics to fashion, and now apparently I’m doing book reviews as well.

Three months. Huh. Who’d have thunk it. It doesn’t really feel like that long. I got a message today from a good friend whom I unfortunately haven’t seen since early this year, saying she’d found this blog and was following it regularly. Hi, Erin! It’s always good to know I’m not just talking to the void.

I started out apologising for the lack of a post, and wound up making a post about it. I didn’t think I’d be able to get anything coherent out through the horrible hayfever that’s been plaguing me like the plague. (From the looks of this post, I was right.) I intended just to link to The Little Quince’s post from yesterday, which I figured, given she’s on hiatus and it was an unexpected post, might make up for the lack of one from me. It no longer has to serve that purpose, but I still want to link to it because I think it’s one of her most important posts yet. Even though I know most of my readers read TLQ as well — anyone who doesn’t, do check it out when she comes back on December 1st — you probably aren’t checking it if you know there aren’t going to be regular posts for another week. I do, but then I’m marrying the girl so I’m guessing my situation probably isn’t going to resemble the general case.

So without any further anything, go read Quincy’s entry on ADHD: Not quite what you think it is. Or isn't.

*Oh dear, now I’m rhyming.

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