Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year.

I haven’t forgotten WTA over the Christmas break; I’ve just been busy. I thought I’d actually mentioned that I’d be taking a week off in my last post, and only realised I hadn’t when Quincy pointed it out. No matter.

I got a new bicycle for Christmas, which is quite awesome. Quincy’s been getting back into cycling and I decided to start riding with her. I haven’t cycled in years and my old bike was so far gone it was better just to replace it, and my folks decided that that would be my Christmas present. Have I mentioned that my family is great? (I’m getting a newer car too, but I’m trading my old one in for it.) So far we’ve been able to ride about 15km in a stretch, which isn’t too bad for a reasonably cold start. We had a bit of an embarrassment the other day, when she was struggling a lot more than I was up a hill, and then we realised that all the packs she was carrying added about 10% to the weight. In future, I’ll be making sure to carry my fair share.

Coming up to a few major milestones this year, the most obvious one being the wedding. As for new year’s resolutions, I’ve never been much for them, but I will resolve to try to emulate Quincy a little more and write myself a bit of a backlog of entries for WTA (rather than, as it’s been the last few months, putting half the entries together the night before posting). The other thing I’m going to start doing is tweeting alongside the regular blog: mostly just jokes and one-liners I come across in the course of my day, hopefully as a counterpoint to the relatively dry tone of the blog itself. I’ve set up @Oolon_WTA for this purpose, all the simpler and more obvious usernames having been taken. Tweets will show up in the right-hand column, above the fold.

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  1. Can we add "cycling to more places" as a resolution? If you're doing it too, it'll help me keep mine :-)