Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Height of Rudeness.

A very bizarre thing happened yesterday. It was Quincy’s birthday. That wasn’t the bizarre thing. Her housemate arrived home — fortunately before it had started raining — to find a bag of wrapped presents on their doorstep. That wasn’t the bizarre thing. There was a card, but no other note. The presents were from an old family friend. The card was addressed to Quincy and her family. The card was the bizarre thing.

You see, on both the card and envelope, the part that had included Quincy’s parents’ names had been cut out and removed before they had dropped it off.

What sort of insanity have these people descended to, such that they will agree to pass on birthday presents to the daughter with whom they have refused to make any form of contact for six months, but will do so in such a way as to make it so perfectly, literally clear that they are cutting themselves out of her life? What level of doublethink leads to such passive-aggressive, schizoid behaviour?

I hope they come to the wedding. I will be so wonderfully, infuriatingly nice to them that the cognitive dissonance will turn their brains to noodle soup.


  1. Particularly when they told me in their last email that I'm always welcome in their house. This being after they changed the locks.

  2. That is unbelievable. I'm sorry that both of you have to deal with this, but especially you, Quincy - I hope your family begins to realise how cruel and pointless it is to behave this way. Honestly, what don't they like about Oolon? Is it the beard? Is he too nice or something?

    *is bewildered*

  3. Thanks, Miriam *hugs*

    And don't worry, we're just as bewildered as you are! :-p